Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Links

Alex Tabarrok points to a man who paints himself invisible. (Marginal Revolution)

And speaking of optical illusions, tilt-shift photography continues to fascinate me. (Instant Shift) 
And here. (Wehr in the World)

Scott Adams has a great post about turning advertising around. I really, really hope this takes the place of 'push' advertising. (Dilbert Blog)

This scares me... (Philip Greenspun)

All this discussion of health care spending makes now a really good time to think about the meaning of the large numbers that are being kicked around. (Wehr in the World)

My family plays a game a lot like this. Never thought that it could be useful for more than entertainment. (Wehr in the World)

In case you don't already know, NASA's Earth Observatory page has some striking photos and interesting information. Regularly updated. (Earth Observatory)


  1. Enjoyed the tilt-shift photos. I am noticing that a lot of people overdo it on the tilt-shift photos by making the contrast between focus too extreme. I think the differences in focus need to be almost unnoticeable for it to work.

  2. Yeah, I think you're right. There's definitely an art to it. I've also seen some post processing tilt-shift effects that are a little disturbing because they (in some cases) treat everything within a region of the photo as if it was the same distance from the camera. Just doesn't look right.