Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Point Of This Blog

"Without new technologies, an economy might grow slowly. But without decent rules, an economy cannot even make use of the technologies that already exist."

-Sebastian Mallaby


  1. So glad to see you post again. I share the sentiment that government/rules matter tremendously, but I am sticking with my political apathy because I believe intellectualizing about optimal political systems is analogous to intellectualizing about optimal weather. (But I'd love to hear a rebuttal.)

  2. You have to pick your priorities. And for whatever reason, policy holds my interest. I understand it's not for everyone.

    But I have to disagree with the sentiment that there's little that can be done. Ultimately power is distributed. An army is made of many people, and many more provide the knowledge and labor to supply it. No dictator rules uncontested, and no ruling elite can be so without the support of a significant number of common people - people who collectively hold enough power to impose rule.

    Institutions are created, evolve, and die constantly, and through the efforts of people of all classes and backgrounds. I like being part of the conversation, and I like to believe that it matters that I am.