Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There must be a shortage of editors

But it's a good thing, if you're easily entertained.

The perfect visual for your topic

I received this little gem in a newsletter:

I don't know how they found it, but they managed to procure just the right picture. 

The best poorly-worded headline today

Judge asked to halt planting of genetically modified sugarbeet seeds in Oregon

If you insert a few commas, you get:

Judge, asked to halt planting of genetically modified sugarbeet, seeds in Oregon

which makes a lot more sense.  (Doesn't make it any more newsworthy, though.)

These never get old

I believe this is Korean. I also believe that translators in foreign countries must let these through intentionally without correcting them so that we can enjoy them.  After all, the spelling and punctuation are perfect.

On a different note, Robert may not allow me access to his blog if I keep this up.  More serious posts are forthcoming.  I hope you enjoyed these for now.


  1. Nah, Robert's gonna let you keep at this. The lightness is great. Besides, didn't he say a while back (in the comments) that this is a family blog? He sanctioned this.

  2. This is good stuff, Jenn! this is why I asked you to join me as co-blogger (let's get you picture and profile added), because you have the ability to bring back those crucial elements of interest, and readability!

  3. That guy in the picture looks like his brain thinks his gut is about to do some talking.